Pagan Wilkins (our Spohia), 19 year seasoned Massage Therapist specializing in stress release and pain. 
​While most people ask for Swedish Massage Pagean also does Trigger Point, Hot Stone, works frequently with those suffering from Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Arthritis, Headaches, and she is also certified in both Infant and Canine. 

Azure Spa & Salon in Historic Downtown WF
E-Power - Cellular Energy Charge​

Azure Spa & Salon

Historic Downtown WF

Azure Spa & Salon in Historic Downtown WF
Partial Detox and Firming Wrap

I used to get backaches from lifting at work. Discovering Azure Spa changed my life! Their trained specialists helped relieve my pinched nerves, and soothe very painful muscles with Far Infra Red, Electrotherapy, and massage therapy. They taught me how to avoid back problems in the future.

- Raymond Palmer

​​​​​​​​Azure Spa & Salon in Historic Downtown WF
Canine Massage Therapy on Azure's Canine Mascot

Azure Spa & Salon

Far Infra Red Sauna

Dawn Rabideau - Co-Owner - an education junkie when it comes to natural health options. Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Licensed Cosmetologist and Skin Professional, Pain Management/Detox Specialist, Certified Personal Transformation Coach, IIN-Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach and Nutrition Consultant, Labor/Birth Coach- specializing in DV/SA,  Massage Therapist, and Public Speaker 

Azure Spa & Salon

Historic Downtown WF
AromaTouch / Massage Suite

Meet Our Staff

For our staff the holistic healing art is a calling.
​Each and every individual you meet at Azure Spa of WF is dedicated and committed to our clients' health and well being. 

Client Testimonials

Co-Owner ~  Glen Rabideau, also known as the Blade Doctor. 
'Being of semi-sound mind and broke down body, am the general step-n-fetchit of the organization. I do much of the minor maintenance and heavy work that goes on around the place and in my spare time, I am also known as “The Blade Doctor”, taking care of sharpening salon scissors, knives and other bladed objects for anyone who needs it.
I have served as a representative for Juice Plus, the best, foundational nutrition supplement on the market. I am working toward business independence in order to support my family without needing outside employment.

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Azure Spa & Salon
Historic Downtown WF
Make-up Studio

Azure Spa & Salon 
Historic Downtown WF

Coffee Bar

Azure Spa & Salon-Historic Downtwon WF


Our Facilities

We have 3 departments providing spa, salon and wellness options.
Enjoy complimentary WiFi, covered parking, coffee, wine for age appropriate clients, a classroom/presentation area (rentable) sweetness, kindness, and light.

Brandon Sparks; Brazillian Blowout Certified Stylist, Color Correction and Hair Restructuring Specialist

*Published in Sports Illustrated 1995 'Faces in The Crowd'

*Won Nat'l Champion Gymnast 3 years running
*His team was the first to win back to back state and national championships.
*Back in the day he earned All Region, All Area, and All State on the Tuba as well as All Area Orchestra.
*Brandon had scholarship offers from Juilliard School of Music, University of California, Manhattan School of Music and West Texas A&M University.
*He was invited by the Mayor of France and accepted to play at the 50th Anniversary of D-Day.
*He also played at the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier
​*Currently, Brandon is a skilled cellist in the Wichita Falls community orchestra.

With all of these accomplishments, what Brandon really wants to do is YOUR hair.

"When I see the beauty in somebody that they themselves cannot yet see,  I use my skills to pull this beauty to the surface and reflect it back through their own eyes. This makes my heart feel good." ~ Brandon Sparks

" With so many suffering from society and media induced perceptions along with self perceived flaws, I am able to touch them through my heart and my hands, doing my part to make them feel their best" ~ Brandon Sparks

"I love giving people styles that work in their everyday life, helping them to feel great about themselves." ~ Brandon Sparks

Azure Spa & Salon in Historic Downtown WF

What We Do

Azure Spa is your one-stop-shop holistic wellness facility specializing in natural options such as Far Infra Red pain management and detox, Electrotherapy pin management and detox, Clinical Aromatherapy, Emotional Release, Acupressure, L.E.D., Microcurrent, Nutrition Consulting, Reflexology, Swedish, Infant, Canine and Medical Massage, Labor/Birth Doula Services, as well as Health, Nutrition, and Life Coaching services. Don't forget our traditional spa and salon services to keep you looking as good as you feel.

Azure Spa & Salon

Couples Massage

Azure Spa & Salon in Historic Downtown WF
Accupressure Suite

Prior to my first visit, my Fibromyalgia kept me from interacting and playing with my children. Now I have energy, and barely notice pain anymore. I love--life ! 
- Alexandria Shaw​