Integrative Wellness

Health /Life /Pregnancy/Labor/Birth Coaching

Emotion Code Consult Needs assessment 30M - (consult fee applies to service) -($35)

Emotional Code Release Trapped Emotions

initial session usually lasts 60-75 minutes due to  intake,  detailed assessment, and planning strategy whereas, subsequent sessions may take only 20-30 minutes. Sessions run $85 regardless of the session duration. These sessions may be conducted in person or via Skype with a full visual.

Pre-Pay 6 sessions and receive a FREE session.

Trauma Tree  with your choice of Tapping or Emotion Code 65-120M ($85-125)

EFT-Tapping Session generally 30M ($65) 60M ($85) 90M ($95)

Health Coaching includes physical, emotional, spiritual, nutritional, culinary tips, consulting as well as energy psychology as needed ($95)

Life Coaching Personal Transformation  Facilitation includes physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic techniques  - weekly sessions of 60M 
($125 singles or $475 monthly)